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Maple Leaf 1oz Gold Coin 2018


1,153.44 €

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Royal Canadian Mint
Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the largest and most popular issuers of high-quality gold and silver coins.

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The Maple Leaf 1 oz 2018 Gold Coin, made from 99.99% pure gold, is one of the world's best-selling bullion coins. In 1979, the Maple Leaf gold coin was introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Maple Leaf gold coin was the second investment gold coin introduced to the global market behind the Krugerrand, which was launched in 1967.

Due to the apartheid policy of the South African government, many countries created a ban on Krugerrand imports in the 1980's. As a result, Maple Leaf gold coins were initially a huge success as it was the only other gold investment coin available to the market. Today the Gold Maple Leaf continues to be one of the world's most popular bullion coins.

The coins are offered as a new product in "stamp gloss" uncirculated state. The maple leaf, which has been the nation's symbol of Canada since the 18th century, is adorned on Maple Leaf coins.

Size, Weight and Alloy

The new Maple Leaf Gold Coin Series 2018 is available in 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz sizes.

Fine weight





Nominal Value

1 oz


30 mm

2.8 mm


50 CAD

The fineness of 999.9/1000 equates to 24 carat. The Maple Leaf gold coin is one of the purest gold coins in the world. Gold does not corrode, which means the high purity protects the coin from corrosion over time. However, pure gold coins like the Maple Leaf are prone to surface scratches and damage because gold is a very soft metal. Therefore, it should be stored in protective packaging.


The Maple Leaf was the second gold investment coin to be released to the global market. Other countries soon followed with their own official bullion coins.

  • South African Krugerrand 1967

  • Canadian Maple Leaf 1979

  • China Panda 1982

  • American Gold Eagle 1986

  • Australian “Gold Nugget” 1987

  • Britannia Gold Coin 1987 (UK)

  • Austrian Gold Vienna Philharmonic 1989

The 1oz Gold Maple Leaf is an official bullion coin of Canada with a face value of 50 Canadian Dollars. It is one of the purest gold coins on the market today. From 1979-1982, the fineness of the Maple Leaf was 999/1000. In 1982, the fineness was increased to "four nine fine" (999.9/1000) Smaller denominations of 1/10 oz and 1/4 oz were also introduced in 1982. In 1986, the 1/2 oz edition was added.


The embossing quality and "Maple Leaf" theme is recognized by many as the best-designed investment coin in the world. The consistent design of the same motive contributes to its popularity and brand recognition.

The Maple Leaf has also been recognized for its innovative security features. In 2013 the Royal Canadian Mint introduced a laser micro-engraved maple leaf on the back of the coin. The embossing year is marked in the middle of this picture and only visible under magnification. Radial lines were also added on both sides of the coin. These security improvements protect against counterfeiting.


The front of the coin shows the famous image of the Canadian Maple Leaf, which is one of Canada's national symbols. The fineness of "9999" is stamped on the right and left of the maple leaf. Above the maple leaf the country of origin "CANADA" is marked.

The words "FINE GOLD" and "1 OZ OR PUR" are engraved on the lower margin.


The reverse shows the current portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The depiction of the queen is the motif on all "Commonwealth" coins. Along the outer edge, above the Queen, are the markings "ELIZABETH II". Along the lower edge is the inscription "50 DOLLAR 2018".

Interesting Facts

In 1979, 1980 and 1981, the Maple Leaf gold coin had a fineness of 999/1000. The fineness was increased to 24 carat gold in 1982.

In 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced a $1 million Maple Leaf Gold coin. The 100-kg coin has a purity of 99.999% and is one of the largest gold coins ever embossed. One of these 100-kg Maple Leaf coins was stolen from the museum in Berlin in 2017.

Maple Leaf coins are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Tips for Buying the Maple Leaf

Before buying the 2018 Maple Leaf, investors should become familiar with the fundamental factors that drive the gold price. In addition to supply and demand, fluctuations in the Euro/USD exchange rate and central bank policy can influence the gold price.

The purchase price of the Maple Leaf 1oz 2018 consists of the current gold price (also known as spot price) and the premium. The premium covers the cost of production and the margin of the mint and the precious metal dealer.

The production costs of the mint includes: creation of coin blanks (blanks), production of stamps, costly embossing machines, labor costs, storage costs, delivery costs, security costs and more.

The precious metals dealer also calculates his costs and the margin in the surcharge.

Premiums can vary depending on the dealer you buy from. However, always choose a bullion dealer with a good reputation and wide selection of products to choose from.

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint was founded in 1908 as a branch of the Royal Mint (United Kingdom). The first coin produced by the mint was a gold sovereign with a "C" mark, which stood for Canada. In 1912, the Treasury commissioned the Royal Canadian Mint to produce 8,000 five-dollar gold coins and 8,000 ten-dollar gold coins. These were the first Canadian gold coins embossed with the word "Canada".

Today, the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most technologically sophisticated and prestigious mints in the world. The Royal Canadian Mint produces a wide range of gold, silver, platinum and palladium investment products. The Maple Leaf series is one of the best selling gold and silver coins worldwide.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many key benefits of the Maple Leaf 1oz Gold Coin 2018.

  • The Maple Leaf has global brand name recognition making it easy to buy and sell  almost anywhere in the world.

  • The security features of the Maple Leaf make it currently impossible to counterfeit.

  • Compared to other 1oz coins, the Maple Leaf often has a lower premium.

  • With a fineness of 999.9/1000, the 2018 Maple Leaf is pure 24ct gold.

  • Maple Leaf gold coins are exempt from VAT in the European Union.


Investors and collectors should note that gold is a "soft" precious metal. Pure gold coins can easily scratch and therefore it is advisable to leave the coins in their protective packaging.

Why is the Maple Leaf a Gold Investment Coin?

In Germany investment gold is exempt from VAT regulated in § 25c UStG. The following criteria make the Maple Leaf 1oz Gold Coin 2018 investment gold.

1. The gold coin must have been stamped after 1800.

2. It must be or have been an official means of payment in the country of production.

3. It must have a fine gold content of at least 900/1000.

4. The gold coin may not exceed the open market value by more than 80%.

Product Details

Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
Country of origin: Canada
Karat: 24 K Gold: 99.99%
Fineness: 999.9/1000
Alloy: Gold
Weight: 1 oz
Scratch resistance: Poor

Metal Gold
Form Gold Coin
Country of Origin Canada
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Series Maple Leaf
Purity 999.9/1000
Fineweight 31.10 gram
Gross Weight 31.10 gram
Denomination (oz) 1 oz
Year of issue 2018
Grade Brilliant
Condition Uncirculated
Face value 50 CAD
Thickness 2.87 mm
Diameter 38.00 mm
Packaging Single in Pouch
Packaging Unit 10 per Tube
Large Packaging 2 500 per Box
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