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Sell your Gold and Silver to CelticGold
Detailed Guide

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How Selling Gold and Silver back to CelticGold works

CelticGold will buy back gold bullion and coins (LBMA) regardless of whether you purchased from us or not. In addition, we buy back the common silver coins and bars (LBMA). Basically all products we show on our website are the products we will buy back.

Please contact us if you wish to sell a product that is not listed in our shop

We can only buy back within the EU.

If you wish to sell gold and silver products to us then please follow these three steps:

  • Fill out and send to us the signed PDF Buy-Back accompanying letter (Download Link above)

  • Deliver the products to our screening facility in Germany (insured pick up possible within EU)

  • We will screen the gold and silver products within 72 hours and bank transfer the agreed price same day after product screening. You may also receive the agreed price in any major Crypto Currency.

Gold Buy-back prices: No margin taken - up to 100% (or more) of spot price

We buy investment gold bars and coins in mint-state condition at spot and take no margin. Smaller fractional coins will be bought back at a higher premium than the gold spot price. CelticGold is one of very few bullion companies in the world that pays up to 100% (or more) of the spot price. Buy back (means we buy back from you) prices can be found in the product catalogue and in each product page.

Products with damage will be bought back too, please indicate this with detailed pictures, so our screening team may assess the damage and provide an individual buy back price for scrap or b-quality graded products.

Silver Buy-back prices: currently 4-10% (or more) above silver spot price

We buy back investment silver coins at 4% above the silver spot price. If you sell to us from storage than we are happy to offer 6% above spot.

Semi-Numismatics trade at higher premiums, please contact us for an individual quotation.

Insured EU Pick-Up

If you do not want to ship the gold and silver products at your own risk we offer an insured pick up for all European Union member states. If you wish to instruct an insured pick up then please indicate so in the PDF Buy-Back accompanying letter. The pick up costs will be deducted from the credit note. CelticGold will not invoice shipping costs upfront or separately.

Shipping cost examples

The shipping cost examples show different insurance values for different countries with different weights.

Example 1: You sell 5 gold coins of each 1 oz with an exemplary value of 1,000 Euros each to us, then your package will weigh 1 kilo with 5,000 Euros total insured value.

Example 2: You sell one box of 500 silver coins back to us. Then your package will weigh 17 kilos total with an insured value of 12,500 Euros.

Country              Weight          UPS Standard Cost       Insured Value        Insurance Cost        Total Cost           

Ireland                        1 kg                     24.00 €                                       1,000.00 €                        9.00 €                                   33.00 €

Ireland                        1 kg                     24.00 €                                       5,000.00 €                        30.00 €                                 54.00 €

Ireland                        17 kg                   43.00 €                                       12,500.00 €                     54.00 €                                 97.00 €

Germany                     1 kg                    13.00 €                                       1,000.00 €                        6.00 €                                   19.00 €

Germany                     1 kg                    13.00 €                                       5,000.00 €                        20.00 €                                 33.00 €

Germany                     17 kg                  17.00 €                                       12,500.00 €                     42.00 €                                 59.00 €

Packing the Gold and Silver Products

We ask you to take proper care when packing gold and silver coins into the package. Gold coins should be packed in the original container or single wrapped, so they cannot be damaged during transport. Silver coins for example should only be transported in the original tube. In addition the tube should be taped around the lid so the lid can’t fall off during the transport and the coins get damaged. 

We have outlined detailed packing instructions in the PDF Buy-Back accompanying letter.

Do I receive a confirmation upon receipt of the products?

You will receive a confirmation from UPS and our vault after the products have been received. Our precious metal testing team will then test and screen the gold and silver products and inform you about the result.

Testing and Screening Process

CelticGold tests -nondestructive- each single gold and silver product that will be bought back with different methods. We test with different mechanical and electronical methods such as Ultrasound, Magnetic Scale and Conductivity to ensure a 100% correct screening result. Please allow a maximum of 72 hours for the screening and testing process to be finalized.

Damaged Gold and Silver Products

We also buy back damaged investment gold and silver products. The buy back price in this case will be melting price which varies from 5% to 11% below spot price for 24K to 22K gold products.

Pay Out and Price Confirmation

After the testing and screening process CelticGold will email you the credit note with the price confirmation. The bank transfer will be sent to your bank account which you have provided in the PDF Buy-Back accompanying letter same day.

How do I sell back from allocated stored products with CelticGold?

If you have stored products with CelticGold you simply email us your authorization with the products you wish to sell back. In the authentication document you provided us make sure your bank details are provided. Then our vaulting partners will perform the inventory move same day or at latest the next working day. CelticGold will then transfer out the money to you.

What happens if my package goes lost on the transportation?

If you instructed a CelticGold insured pick up then the insurance will cover the value of the agreed buy-back goods. A payment will be made within 4 weeks to your bank account. Please note that there are specific instructions that need to be followed through in order to have coverage on the parcel.

Numismatic / Rare Coins Buy Back

We have developed a three step process to buy back rare and numismatic coins which will result in the highest possible buy-back price for our customers. 

1st Step - First Preview - FREE of charge

1) Customer sends pictures to CelticGold of front and back side for first preview

2) We give a very rough indication which leads to a decision for yes or no to move the product for deep screening.

2nd Step - Deep Screen & Move of Product - Fees apply

3) Customer says yes -> We will move the products to our secure facility in Germany

4) CelticGold will perform deep screen, containing:

4a) Lawful documentation of weight, measures, metal properties and ultra-high-res pictures

4b) we provide this info back to the customer 

(this way we eliminate the risk of an exchanged returned product)

4c) We provide third party analysis (not legally binding) from a numismatic expert

This will result in a +- 90% certainty about the value of the examined product

4d) Customer may wants to have the product back -> CelticGold will ship back to vault

3rd Step - Auction or Buy Back

5) Decision: Buy back

5a) We will buy back at an agreed price and pay out

6) Decision Auction incl. legal binding certification (additional charges may apply)

6a) The value of the examined product is very high compared to metal value so the product may move to a specialised auctioneer in Germany who will also provide a legal binding certification.

Cost: 225 Euro plus 19% VAT plus insurance for shipment. 3.00 Euro per 1,000 Euro value.

Crypto Currency Payments for Selling to Us

You sell the product to us and after receipt and screening of the product we will confirm to you with the exchange rate of your preferred crypto coin. After your okay we will send the amount of crypto coins to your address that you provided in the buy back letter. A 2.49% handling charge will be applied.