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Unique bullion services in Europe | Meaning we are the only company that is able to provide you with these services

Pay with over 200 Crypto Coins at direct exchange rate

We facilitate the widest acceptance of crypto tokens at direct exchange rate.

Allocated Secure Storage

with full online access to monitor, sell, pick up and ship your stored products. From selling to money in the crypto wallet within a few hours.

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Insured Return Shipments in the EU

If you wish to sell and you wish to ship, we are happy to offer an insured shipment from all EU countries.

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You can buy gold and silver at celticgold.eu 24 hours a day and on 7 days per week. Prices update automatically every minute according to the gold and silver price movement.

Over 2,000 Gold and Silver Products

Our catalogue offers over 2,000 different coins, bars, collector's items and semi-numismatics.

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Store your Gold and Silver at high-secure vaults

We offer segregated and allocated storage with Prosegur in Germany starting from 0.3% per year.

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... anytime online. Receive higher buy back rates when selling from storage and redeem via Paypal, Bank or into your Crypto Wallet.

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You have full peace of mind as all our shipments are 100% insured

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Buy Gold Coins and Gold Bars also called Bullion

Where to buy Gold?

CelticGold specialises in a wide range of the purest investment grade gold and silver products. We offer real time pricing with 1 minute price updates running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shop orders can be placed for up to 40,000 Euros with a minimum order of 100 Euros for gold and silver products.

Owner and founder, Stefan Kraemer, is keen on providing a hassle free and fast service at best prices. He set up CelticGold in 2001 to service customers mainly from all over the European Union, but also globally in the US, Australia and Canada.

CelticGold provides both buying and selling of all displayed gold and silver coins. Purchase orders can be placed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We always guarantee the best price through one minute gold and silver price updates. We guarantee your buy price for 72 hours at the time we confirm your order.

We will also buy-back gold and silver products with an insured pick up service and pay out the highest paid premiums in the European market. 

Buy Silvercoins and Silverbars

Where to buy Silver?

Silver, unlike gold, is subject to VAT and for collector's coins the so-called margin scheme applies. For margin scheme sold products there is no VAT displayed in the final price but the seller pays an importation tax and standard VAT rate on the margin. This explains the higher prices compared to bonded warehouses where products are NOT in free circulation. Buying silver coins under the margin scheme offers the lowest rates in all of Europe as Germany has the lowest importation tax on silver coins.

Silver bars are subject to the standard VAT rate, if you wish to ship silver bars outside of Germany then the shop will automatically invoice the VAT rate of the destination country. EU intra-community sales and deliveries will be also serviced, please contact us providing further documentation and VAT ID.

Investment Bullion

How to buy gold and silver bullion for investment

All products on CelticGold.eu are in the "investment" category which means they offer a maximum in purity and trade very close to the gold spot price. This provides the best value to the investor. Over 2,000 different gold and silver bullion products are part of CelticGold‘s trading portfolio ranging from 1/20 oz which is 1.55 metric grams to 1 kilo. The most common denomination for coin investments is 1 (Troy) Ounce. A gold coin is usually legal tender and recognised globally which make the gold coins easy to buy and sell. The most popular gold coin series are: Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, American Eagle and Vienna Philharmonic.

Gold bars, also called gold bullion, offer lower premiums compared to coins due to lower manufacturing costs. Gold bars are often provided with a certificate and range in size from 1 gram to 1 kilo for the private investor. All gold bars (new and circulated) offer a purity of 999/1000 or 24 karat. Gold bars are manufactured by private corporations. Two of the biggest on the planet are Heraeus and Degussa both located in Hanau, Germany. CelticGold offers all sizes from different manufacturers. In addition to the classical gold bars we also offer Combibars. A Combibar contains 50 x 1 gram gold in one sheet, to be easily divided. The most popular manufacturers and bars: Heraeus, Umicore, Perth Mint and Valcambi.

Next to gold, silver has a successful history as a monetary metal. Today silver is used as a most important industrial metal in over 1,000 different products. A modern world without silver would not work. What makes silver, as an investment, so interesting is the simple fact that silver gets consumed. Today there is less above ground silver available than in the 1980s.

Because of the historical link between gold and silver, silver naturally follows gold. But as the silver market is small when compared to gold it is therefore much more volatile.

The key factors when considering silver as an investment are: 

  • less supply than 1980

  • historical low gold ratio of 1:70

  • silver is consumed

  • essential in industrial applications

  • no replacement to silver

Guarantees and Safety

What are my guarantees when buying gold and silver?

When you shop with us at CelticGold you enjoy complete peace of mind. We process over 30,000 shipments per year and customers rate us over 4.95 out of 5 stars. We offer global insured shipping, a premium service, low prices and 100% Delivery Reliability. In addition to providing investment quality gold and silver coins and bars, we also offer free investment education in the our blog.

Payment - Secure and Protected. CelticGold offers payments to be done via Bank transfer, credit cards and crypto payments. The SEPA bank transfer standard within the EU guaranties a fast and secure payment method at lowest transfer costs.

Shipping - Fast and Secure. CelticGold ships only through secure companies such as UPS, Prosegur or private couriers and each parcel is fully insured by our insurance. We guaranty the delivery. Should a package go lost - we will send a replacement free of charge.

Storage - At ultra-high secure facility. Only in your name, fully insolvency protected, daily audited and fully insured.

CelticGold offers maximum security storage in the best locations with Prosegur in Frankfurt, Germany. Fully segregated storage under your name, audited daily with maximum transparency for your gold and silver in storage.

There is only one storage fee of 0.82 Euro/1,000 Euros in storage per month. No minimum duration, no cancellation fee. 

Goods are sealed under your name in seal bags and you monitor your storage online in "My Vault“ in your customer account.

Sell back - We provide the full circle of bullion products, buy, store and sell and we are Europe's only bullion company that offers insured UPS return shipments.

What's the gold price?

Price Update and Gold Price explained

The buying price of gold coins and gold bars is the composition of the current price of gold, which is traded on the commodity exchange around the world, and the so-called premium levied by the Mints, producing companies and the bullion dealers.

The most important factor to understand in the price of investment gold coins is the premium, as it can vary from 2% to over 35%. In times of extreme demand, premiums for standard silver coins can reach over 100%. The premium, also called spread at times, is the "adjustment screw" of all market participants trading with the real physical gold and silver products.

The formula looks like this:

Gold price + Premium =  Buying Price

Silver price + Premium + tax = Buying Price

It’s always good to check premiums before buying as they may vary from bullion dealer to dealer a bit. 

How does the price update work?

The Gold & Silver live price gets updated every minute according to the price movement on the commodity exchanges. This live price is fed to our website and reflects the asking price. This price is built on the global commodity exchanges, starting in Europe, then USA and Asia.

On Friday evening at 10.00 pm GMT the New York market closes and over the weekend the price reflected on the ticker is based on the futures. There is naturally little movement throughout the weekend.

In general the price of gold is totally transparent and can be found on our website, in every newspaper, on financial news channels such as Bloomberg, and on financial websites. Gold is usually priced in US-Dollar per (troy) ounce. One ounce of gold equals 31.1034 grams. Gold is also priced in kilos and grams. The gold price is fixed on the main exchanges for gold on the New York (COMEX), London (LBMA), Hong Kong and Sydney (HKEx and ASX). 

CelticGold provides 24h live gold and silver prices in (Troy) Ounces and Grams updated every minute. Prices on news websites are often delayed and do not show the latest price movements. A live price provided here from us is best.

What's the price of silver?

Price Update and Gold Price explained

The price of silver is built around commodity exchanges around the world within the same mechanism as gold. Investors who seek to understand the silver price, will find that the buying price for coins and bars is significantly higher than the commodity price. In general, the manufacturing cost are higher and in Europe there is either VAT or a taxation scheme called a margin scheme in place that adds to the price of silver for the ready minted physical silver coin or silver bar. The silver price for collector's items in limited edition and proof quality is even higher than for the typical investment silver coins.

Gold and Silver Mints and Manufacturers

These are the most trusted state owned mints and manufacturers

Investment gold and silver products are manufactured by state owned mints and private corporations. For example Europe‘s #1 gold coin the Vienna Philharmonic is produced by the Austrian Mint in Vienna, Austria.

The top manufacturers are: South African Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Mint (UK), Austrian Mint, Perth Mint, Heraeus, Degussa, Umicore, Valcambi and Chinese Mint.