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No more VAT-free Silver in Estonia after June 2022  

Get tax-free silver while you can. We aim to produce great offers until the end of June.








The following message will become visible only once the countdown ends.

Thank you all for your custom, after 9 years we say goodbye to Estonia.

The order window is closed now, thank you all.

After 9 years of operating VAT-free silver in Estonia the government made an amendment to end VAT-free Silver. Estonia was the only country in the European Union where silver coins had no VAT.

After July 2022 the silver coin in Estonia will be charged with 20% standard Estonian VAT rate in addition to the sales price. 

Take advantage of VAT-free Silver while you can

Please note silver is still scarce and supply disruptions may occur! 

Here is how we plan to fulfill all orders:

  1. The minimum order for VAT-free silver is 1,000 Euros

  2. An insured UPS shipment can be instructed by a third-party provider in the checkout. Costs will of course be displayed before you complete order.

  3. Smaller orders can be placed from our margin-scheme taxed stock in Germany. Prices displayed include the margin-scheme tax. 

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