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No more VAT-free Silver in Estonia after June 2022  

Get tax-free silver while you can. We aim to produce great offers until the end of June.

After 9 years of operating VAT-free silver in Estonia the government made an amendment to end VAT-free Silver. Estonia was the only country in the European Union where silver coins had no VAT.

After July 2022 the silver coin in Estonia will be charged with 20% standard Estonian VAT rate in addition to the sales price. 

Take advantage of VAT-free Silver while you can

Please note silver is still scarce and supply disruptions may occur! 

Here is how we plan to fulfill all orders:

  1. The minimum order for VAT-free silver is 1,000 Euros

  2. An insured UPS shipment can be instructed by a third-party provider in the checkout. Costs will of course be displayed before you complete order.

  3. Smaller orders can be placed from our margin-scheme taxed stock in Germany. Prices displayed include the margin-scheme tax. 

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