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Half Sovereign George V. Gold Coin different years


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Royal Mint
Royal Mint

The Royal Mint located in Wales is currently the most innovative Mint producing high-quality gold and silver products.

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The half Sovereign George V has a fine weight of 3.661g. It was minted during the reign of King George V in the years 1911 to 1936.What makes these coins so unique is that most of the editions were the last Sovereign Gold circulation coins in the U.K. Prior to 1932, the Sovereign was a fully circulating coin within Britain’s Gold Currency Standard.

Some of the George V Half Sovereigns are over 100 years old. These iconic gold coins are popular amongst collectors for their commemorative value, but are also suitable for investors.

Sovereign Gold coins are some of the oldest and most recognizable coins in the world.

Fine Weight, Fineness and Alloy

The "half Sovereign" George V has a fine weight of 3.661g and a fineness of 916 ⅔ / 1000, which corresponds to 22 karat gold. The alloy consists of 91.66% gold and 8.34% copper.

Copper gives the Sovereign good scratch resistance and also a golden reddish color. The copper content will also cause the appearance of the Sovereign gold coin to change to a more reddish color over time.

Copper is often used in the production of gold coins. Gold is a soft precious metal and therefore can easily scratch. Adding a small amount of copper gives gold coins more durability.

Other famous gold coins that have a Gold-Copper alloy include the South African  Krugerrand and the American Gold Eagle.


Like the full sovereign, the half sovereign has an edge bar and a rippled edge. The edge bar improves stability and stackability while protecting the motif. The rippled edge has an aesthetic function and also serves to prevent counterfeiting.

The front of the Sovereign shows King George V in a profile view to the left. The motif on the reverse side is of St. George (3rd Century) in a battle with a winged dragon. St. George (the Dragon Slayer) is depicted sitting on a horse, with a flowing cloak, corinthian helmet and sword. The year of mintage is depicted below the motif, as well as the mint mark (only visible under magnification).

Full and half Sovereign

The 22 karat Sovereign has been coined in the United Kingdom since 1817. There are two basic variants of Sovereign Gold Coins. The full Sovereign with a fine weight of 7.322g and nominal value of 1 Pound. And the half Sovereign with a fine weight of 3.661g and the nominal value of ½ Pound.


Country of origin: United Kingdom

Year of imprints: 1911 to 1936

Karat: 22K

Fine content: 917/1000

Fine weight: 3.661g

Alloy: Gold Copper Alloy

Scratch resistance: good


Metal Gold
Form Gold Coin
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer The Royal British Mint
Series Sovereign
Purity 917/1000
Fineweight 3.66 gram
Gross Weight 3.99 gram
Year of issue 1911 - 1936
Grade Brilliant
Condition Circulated
Face value 1/2 Pound
Thickness 0.95 mm
Diameter 19.60 mm
Packaging single in pouch
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