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Britannia Gold and Silver Coins

Captivating asset with a unique history available for you to buy now

Buy Britannia Gold and Silver Coins
Exempt from Capital Gains in the UK and Northern Ireland

The name Britannia is derived from the Latin word "Britanni" which means "the Islanders". Brittania was personified by the Romans as a goddess and is usually depicted in flowing robes holding a shielf bearing the Union flag together with a trident and an olive branch. Produced by the British Royal Mint the coin displays this elegant figure on the obverse with Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse.

Gold Britannia Investing Benefits and Tips

The Britannia is considered the first pure European investment coin and makes a wonderful gift. The first Britannia gold coin was minted in 1987 in 22 karats and in 2013 the 24 karat coin was introduced, they are available in four denominations. One advantage for investors is that gold coins require minimal storage space. 

Silver Britannia Investing Benefits and Tips

The silver Britannia coin was first minted in 1997 and is availabe in four denominations, the smaller amounts usually available in proof quality for collectors. Packaged in tubes of 25 these coins are easy to store. Ensure that you choose an airtight, waterproof container and protect them from heat and humidity.

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