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CelticGold Video Series Part 4 of 7: How to buy gold and silver?

Stefan Kraemer, CEO of CelticGold AG is interviewed by the One World Chronicle.

This is the fourth of seven videos where Stefan answers a total of 70 questions about the ownership of physical precious metals.

25. How do I order gold?
26. How can I pay?
27. What currencies can I pay in?
28. What happens after I ordered online?
29. When do I get my package after ordering?
30. Is my package insured when being shipped out?
31. To where do you ship?
32. Can I change the delivery address after I confirmed an order?
33. What if I need to authorize another person to take my delivery?
34. How long does delivery take and are there possible backorders?
35. Is a pick up possible?
36. Which price is valid?
37. Can I withdraw from the contract?
38. Is there a minimum order quantity?
39. Are order additions possible?

40. Why is buying silver different from gold?
41. Can you explain Vat on silver in Europe?
42. How can you offer the guaranteed lowest price on silver in Europe?
43. How does silver shipping work?
44. How much does shipping cost?



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