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CelticGold Video Series Part 1 of 7 Why Buy Gold & Silver?

Stefan Kraemer, CEO of CelticGold AG is interviewd by the One World Chronicle.

This is the first of seven videos where Stefan answes a total of 70 questions about the ownerhship of physical precious metals.

Part 1: Why buy Gold and Silver

1. Why should I buy gold and silver?
2. Why is it so important to own gold and silver in these days?
3. When is a financial meltdown to be expected?
4. When precious metals go up dramatically in value -- should I buy with creditcard or overdraft?
5. Where do you see the gold and silver price in future?
6. What does historical and current gold and silver ratio mean?
7. You said in Dublin at the Gerald Celente talk: When buying gold it's all about value and not price. Can you explain this please?
8. What means over- or undervalued?
9. What do I do when gold and/or silver reach their highs? Sell? But then?
10. You say Exit Strategy? -- From where do I know?


CelticGold Video Series Part 7 of 7: Tactical considerations in a changing environment