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Britannia Gold and Silver Coins

Carefully crafted elegant design available for you to purchase now

Buy Britannia Gold and Silver Coins
Exempt from Capital Gains in the UK and Northern Ireland

The Roman goddess Britannia became known as the personification of Britain during the reign of Elizabeth I. The first Britannia gold coin was minted in 1987 and the silver coin in 1997.  You can buy Britannia coins from CelticGold comfortable in the knowledge that your purchase is fully insured.

Gold Britannia Investing Benefits and Tips

These beautiful coins have a rich history and make an excellent gift. They come in four denominations in 24 karat. They have a laser engraved wave pattern for additional security and require minimal storage space. 

Silver Britannia Investing Benefits and Tips

Silver has many unique applications that make it high in demand. The Britannia Silver coin gives you one troy ounce of fine silver, it contains advanced security features for extra peace of mind.

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